Inspiration: Sibs circa 1978

My family has 100s of paper photographs deteriorating in old albums and boxes scattered around my childhood home. My mother has the intention of sorting and scanning them, ultimately to provide my sibs and I with a CD. She won’t get to it and I don’t have a disc reading device anyway.  I preserved this one with a tap of my iPhone. It’s that simple

Inspiration: Black Lives Matter

Embed from Getty Images

BLM images serve as reminders that art is a powerful tool in bringing awareness and creating change. Photos demonstrate strong emotions – anger, fear, frustration, sadness, compassion, love, and hope and strength. This photograph taken by Kerem Yucel captures it all.

Inspiration: Found in a Box

I’ve had this book since 1987. I have dragged it with me through college, graduate school, 7 homes, countless jobs, 4 pets, a marriage and a divorce. It is worn. Pages are trashed. There is something crusty on it. But I love it. It reminds me of the smell of film. The darkroom at my parents’ house. My high school photography class.

Inspiration: What Losers Don’t Do

I recently listened to a podcast “What Losers Don’t Do.” It wasn’t about competition. It was a bit about success. It was really about creating a happier life by developing positive habits and good routines. I thought about my photography habits and realize I’m doing what a loser does. I stopped snapping because I came to believe there is nothing new under the sun. How many more photos can I take of the same beach? The answer: more.

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