Selfie in dirty mirror
Selfie in dirty mirror

Hello, I’m Sheila Johnson and I love taking photographs.

I spent my junior year at Marshfield High School taking and developing photos in Mr. B’s photography class. I became an instant addict. Within a few months, I had two SLRs and a number of lenses. And I had my own darkroom. I was ready for greatness. But the college I went to didn’t have a photography major and I couldn’t prioritize snapping shots over my other duties. Photography became less important and then nearly forgotten. I moved from away Marshfield and my darkroom equipment was donated to some worthy cause.

And then I got an iPhone and have resumed my addiction.

I have friends who repeatedly tell me I take great pictures with my little iPhone and that I should show in galleries. Flattering and supportive. My response has always been I don’t have a real camera and I refused to buy one.

I got a Nikon 3400 for Christmas and now the pressure is on.

In the real world, I work for the Institute of Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB).  I develop and deliver content to state disability agencies on the topic of employment policy for individuals with developmental disabilities. In addition to copywriting, document development, and website management, I coordinate the planning and preparation of special webinar series and manage an online client community serving members of the State Employment Leadership Network.  I earned a master’s degree in Gender/Cultural Studies at Simmons College, a graduate certificate in Women in Politics and Public Policy from UMB, and a BA in Writing and Rhetoric from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Visit me on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheilajohnsonma/

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