12095502324_510bdb31aa_oI’m sure you figured out by now that I love photography. I think I’m pretty good at capturing interesting images. I am happy when I take photos, and again when I look at them. But only if I snap with my iPhone.

Shooting with my DSLR causes nothing but frustration and self-doubt. I’m not good at this so why bother? I’m a fraud. I don’t want to use the automatic setting. Those photos lack something. They are lifeless. They lack style. I like the promise of manual mode, but I only manage 1 decent photo for every 50 I take. Despite Mr. Cartier-Bresson’s words, I still get frustrated.

“Your first ten thousand photographs are your worst.”
– Henri Cartier-Bresson

I can’t get the triangle mix right because I do not like fractions, I have zero short-term memory, I get the shakes, and I fear noise. When I go out to shoot, I spend the whole-time adjusting settings. Composition is the last thing on my mind. What a shame.