The woman in this photo talks to her husband. She points out lines and shapes and shares minute details about Escher’s youth. Her husband is paying attention but seems not to be listening at all. He feigns interest. His body language shows boredom and impatience. He doesn’t walk away, out of what I assume is respect for his wife. There is a sense that he wants a quiet moment to contemplate the art and form his own opinion, but he doesn’t get one and probably hasn’t in years.

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Wet dog

Buddy loves the beach so much that he almost ruins it for me. I get no peace at the beach. If I am on the sand, we must play catch. (I almost threw my arm out the day I took this shot). If I swim, he swims after me. He puts holes in floats and is a surfboard hog. He shakes off on my towel. If I take my eye off him, he will (gently) grab a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of a child’s hand. It’s tedious. I could leave him at home, but I don’t think either of us would be happy. I wish he’d just cut me a little slack.

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